Sunday, March 1, 2015

Five Questions for Nicolai Kabana, Actor

Nicolai Kabana is playing Father in The Nosemaker's Apprentice. We asked him five questions.

Nicolai as Princeton in Avenue Q
What made you first interested in acting?
I would have to say my first memory of how I became interested in acting was when I was in 4th grade. I was asked by the director of the local high school to come join their production of Bye Bye Birdie as Randolph MacAfee. This was such a great experience for me.

What do you find appealing about The Nosemaker’s Apprentice?
When I first read this play it was like nothing I have ever read before and I knew I had to do anything I possible could to be a part of it. The part of the story that I found most interesting though is when Gavin is in France. I always am so happy when we make it to this part of the play. I also really liked the back story of why this play was created.

What is the most challenging aspect of acting in this particular play?
For me personally the most challenging part of the show was to constantly be in the moment even when the lights weren’t on me. I was told that there will always be people watching you even when they aren’t supposed to be. This motivated me to never lose character. Another equally difficult aspect was all of the monologues that the Father has throughout the story. I really surprised myself that I was actually able to learn them all.

What would be your ideal role in any show?
The role I would love to play the most is from the musical The Producers.  I’ve always wanted to play the part of Leo Bloom. It would be so great to follow the footsteps of some of my favorite actors such as Matthew Broderick and Roger Bart.

Nicolai at the People's Choice Awards
If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?
Editor's Note: The artist declined to answer this question, but the editorial team of Backstage with the BU Players decided that he would most want to be an osage-orange.

Nicolai Kabana is a junior performance emphasis. He is most known for playing Princeton and Rod in Avenue Q.

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