Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo Essay: Load-in for The Laramie Project

"Of what I took that day, I enjoyed these because they are all depictions of collaboration within the line of theatre. Theatre doesn't happen without other people coming together. There's Kyle and Donald carrying a table together, Kyle and Sara figuring out the gels, an overview of everyone painting the stage together, and an up-close snap of Bailey and Kate doing so. Collaboration was screaming at my camera that day and I couldn't help but capture it. That leads me to the collaboration of the Tectonic Theater Project and all of those who worked together to create The Laramie Project. And even the people of Laramie that collaborated on both the project and on attempting to help Laramie move forward from the day Matthew Shepherd was murdered. Collaboration is important for the human soul. We cannot survive without collaboration and neither can theatre."
- Toni Carosella, Photographer and Theatre Major

"The Laramie Project" runs February 24-28 at the Alvina Krause Theatre in downtown Bloomsburg, PA. For more information, visit

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